Paban PandeyThat is me.  The author of this blog.  Name is Paban Raj Pandey.  I have been at it 20 years now.  Left my job as a senior analyst at a small hedge fund in January (2014).  Guess I was itching to get onto a platform like this.

So here it is.

My goal is of course to share what I observe and what I know – or pretend to know – and, more importantly, if you actively take part, learn from discussions that follow.

Blogs will primarily revolve around stocks, U.S. in particular, macro, technical analysis, and derivatives, particularly options.  And once in a while, I will try to throw a little humor here and there into the mix.

I plan to actively use charts.  Lots of times, they speak louder than words.  Hope you like the format.

And finally, some disclaimer.

This blog is not intended to be, nor shall it be construed as, investment advice.  Neither the information nor any opinion expressed here constitutes an offer to buy or sell any security or instrument or participate in any particular trading strategy.