Recent Uptick In Unit Labor Costs Unlikely To Sustain

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The latest productivity report had observers buzzing more about unit labor costs than output per hour. In 4Q16, unit labor costs jumped at an annual rate of 1.68 percent, up from 0.18 percent in 3Q16. This comes in the wake … Continued

Ray Of Light Amidst Dark Clouds Of Heavy Corporate Debt Issuance

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U.S. corporations have had their share of blame as relates to capital expenditures, wages, etc., but have done a commendable job when it comes to taking advantage of the prevailing low interest-rate environment. Corporate profits have come a long way.  … Continued

Hawks Within FOMC Feel Need To Fill Toolbox?

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What exactly would Fed officials be focused on when they decide to hike – or not – rates?  It is a fair question given the amount of variance in their message. On Tuesday evening, John Williams, president of the San … Continued

How Oil Behaves Can Impact Demand — Or Lack Thereof — For Treasuries

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One look at Chart 1, and it is not hard to imagine the possible repercussions of the collapse in crude oil.  The spot West Texas Intermediate crude traded at $107.68 in June last year, dropped to $42.41 in March, rose … Continued

Soaring U.S. Corporate Bond Issuance — The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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U.S. corporate bond issuance is on track for yet another record year this year. In the first half, issuance totaled $877.7 billion, comprised of $697.8 billion in investment-grade and $179.9 billion in high-yield.  Annualized, both categories, as well as the … Continued

Silver lining in U.S. corporate debt binge cloud

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U.S. corporate share buybacks in full swing; debt issuance on track for yet another record year Despite surge in issuance and rising share of high-yield debt, there is silver lining in cloud Corporations have been extending maturity as well as … Continued