FOMC Next Year To Look Whole Lot Different From This Year’s — With Repercussions

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The usual middle-of-the-road approach.  Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen’s Humphrey Hawkins testimony to the Senate yesterday, that is.  (She appears before the House later today.) There were no hints as to if she was ready to vote for a rate … Continued

Recent Uptick In Unit Labor Costs Unlikely To Sustain

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The latest productivity report had observers buzzing more about unit labor costs than output per hour. In 4Q16, unit labor costs jumped at an annual rate of 1.68 percent, up from 0.18 percent in 3Q16. This comes in the wake … Continued

Between Now And Sep FOMC Meeting, How Stocks Act Probably Matters More Than Inflation Or Jobs

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Since last Wednesday, there has been a sudden pickup in QE talk.  That was when Bill Dudley, president of the New York Fed, said that “the decision to begin the normalization process at the September FOMC meeting seems less compelling … Continued

Did NFIB just pour cold water on NFP wages enthusiasm?

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Jan pickup in U.S. average hourly wages after Dec drop welcome relief Nevertheless, NFIB members’ comp plans tumble big time in January Loss of high-paying oil jobs will put downward pressure on wages One of the reasons January’s employment report … Continued

Why are we even shocked that there are no wage gains?

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Should not come as a shock that wage growth for U.S. workers is in doldrums Beneath ‘all hunky dory’ headlines, there are cracks in labor market In corporate vs. labor today, former price setter, latter taker The five-cent month-over-month drop … Continued

Collapse in oil price to rock hitherto-stable unemployment-claims boat?

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U.S. unemployment claims near historical lows, job cuts subdued In a sea of stability, could an ocean of troubles be lurking? Crude drop in oil price has potential to throw a curve It is always cheap – and prudent – … Continued

Persistent lack of wage gains can ultimately have repercussions for economy

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Steep drop in unemployment rate typically would suggest upward wage pressure Shrinkage in labor force takes bargaining power away from employees Corporations taking increasing share of national income vs labor It has been a while National Federation of Independent Business … Continued

U.S. employees getting more comfortable quitting?

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Jobs have been relatively hard to come by in the current economic recovery.  From the January 2008 high of 138.37mn, U.S. non-farm payroll nosedived all the way to 129.66mn by February 2010, for a loss of 8.7mn.  It took four-plus … Continued

Dynamics behind plummeting U.S. home ownership and rental reliance

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Sales of new homes are struggling to maintain their earlier momentum.  The three-month moving average flat-lined for nearly a year before peaking at 448k (SAAR) in January this year.  Those for sale (supply) has been gradually inching up as well … Continued