Shortly After Range Breakout, Russell 2000 Repelled At Rising Channel Resistance

Post-presidential election last November, a fire was lit under U.S. small-caps.  Between November 8 and December 9, IWM (iShares Russell 2000 ETF) jumped north of 16 percent.  QQQ (PowerShares Nasdaq 100 ETF) only rallied two percent during the period. As … Continued

Trump Dangles Carrot In Front Of Yellen – Financials Likely Casualty

Last Wednesday, speaking to the Wall Street Journal President Trump said that the dollar was getting too strong and that it would eventually hurt the U.S. economy.  In the past, he, as well as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, have made … Continued

Russell 2000 At Bottom End Of Range – Likely Gives Way

Did U.S. small-caps lead or lag in the past four months?  Depends on the timeframe. Post-November 8 election through the March 1 all-time high, the Russell 2000 small cap index rallied 18.4 percent.  Year-to-date through that record high, it tacked … Continued

Amidst Elevated Optimism, Caution Hat Out

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Peak optimism? We are increasingly beginning to hear commentators/observers use that phrase in media interviews, articles as well as on social media.  Among other things, Charts 1 and 2 are probably to blame. In the latest week, Investors Intelligence bulls … Continued

Thus Far In 2017, U.S. Stocks Risk-On Or Risk-Off?

Two thousand and seventeen has gotten off to a good start.  In the first nine sessions of the year, the S&P 500 large cap index is up 1.6 percent.  For the most part, the rally is driven by offensive sectors/industries, … Continued

December Payroll Report Ignites Hopes Of Wage Acceleration – How Justified?

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The last time average hourly earnings of U.S. private-sector employees grew with a three handle was April 2009 … means in the current recovery wages are yet to print growth of three percent.  December came close, with a year-over-year increase … Continued

Did NFIB just pour cold water on NFP wages enthusiasm?

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Jan pickup in U.S. average hourly wages after Dec drop welcome relief Nevertheless, NFIB members’ comp plans tumble big time in January Loss of high-paying oil jobs will put downward pressure on wages One of the reasons January’s employment report … Continued