Long And Short Of Short Interest

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Here is a brief review of period-over-period change in short interest in the November 16-30 period in nine S&P 500 sectors. XLB (SPDR materials ETF) In a shooting star session on December 4, XLB (59.51) rose to a new all-time … Continued

Credit Call Spread To Take Advantage Of Potential Downward Pressure On QQQ N/T

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Unless momentum changes swiftly, the tech-dominated Nasdaq 100 index once again is beginning to lag, creating opportunities for nimble traders. The Nasdaq 100 has come a long way.  It is up nearly 29 percent this year – much more than … Continued

Russell 2000 Perking Up – Lasting Or Not Likely Gets Decided By Non-Commercials

Small-caps have sprung back to life in recent sessions. Since peaking at 1514.94 on October 5 through the intraday low of 1454.17 last Wednesday, the Russell 2000 small cap index (1503.40) shed four percent.  It was a slow drip-drip move … Continued

CoT: Peek Into Future Through Futures – How Hedge Funds Are Positioned

Following futures positions of non-commercials are as of Nov 7, 2017. 10-year note: Currently net long 50.1k, up 47.3k. It was yet another instance of 10-year Treasury yields wilting well before even getting close to 2.6 percent.  Are they sending … Continued

Hated Bull Market? Some Truth To That, But In Aggregate Has Been Fully Embraced

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Equity bulls often assert that this is the most hated bull market ever.  There is some – with emphasis on ‘some’ – truth to that, particularly if we focus on short interest. U.S. stocks reached an important bottom in January/February … Continued

Long And Short Of Short Interest

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XLB (SPDR materials ETF) XLB (58.96) is up 3.8 percent month-to-date, and is on pace to rally 12 straight months, with short squeeze helping. In this context, Monday’s reversal candle just outside the daily upper Bollinger band may or may … Continued

Ten-Year T-Yields Back Up, But Still Under Crucial 2.62%

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U.S. Treasury yields have come under upward pressure for nearly a month and a half, although the increase has not been uniform across the curve. The yield curve (spread between the two- and 10-year) last Friday was only 79 basis … Continued

VIX On Verge Of Forming Potentially Bullish 10- And 20-DMA Crossover

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Amidst persistent volatility suppression, rays of hope are emerging for volatility bulls.  From their perspective, spot VIX is showing some encouraging action. VIX remains oversold on nearly all timeframe.  It has remained that way for a while.  In less than … Continued

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