XLF Bulls Manage Another Crack At 2007 Resistance, Meet With Failure Again

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Once again, XLF (SPDR financial ETF) has been denied at resistance that goes back a decade. In December 2015, for the first time since July 2006, the Fed raised the fed funds rate.  It was a 25-basis-point increase to a … Continued

XLF Bulls Defend Neckline, At Resistance – Risk Of Double-Top

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The House pushed through a bill last Thursday aiming at getting rid of many of the Dodd-Frank reforms implemented post-Great Recession. The bill probably does not pass the Senate, but the very idea of less/lax regulations lit a fire under … Continued

After Massive Post-Election Rally, XLF Stalls – Risk Of Double Top/Head-And-Shoulders Completion

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U.S. financials are acting lethargic but they have so far managed to cling on to potentially crucial support. Post-presidential election last November, a fire was lit under U.S. financials. Intraday between November 9 and March 2, XLF, the SPDR financial … Continued

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