Going By Small-Cap Action, Investors Subtly Leaning Toward Risk-Off

If small-caps are a gauge of investor mood for risk- on and-off, then they are subtly beginning to lean toward risk-off. Of the four major U.S. indices – the S&P 500 large cap index, Dow Industrials, Nasdaq composite, and the … Continued

Stocks Offer Something For Both Bulls And Bears – Odds Again Favor Latter N/T

The past couple of weeks offered both equity bulls and bears a little something to celebrate.  The bulls got the relief rally, and the bears an opportunity to short.  What next? Since the S&P 500 large cap index peaked on … Continued

Flatter Yield Curve Makes Fed’s Job Harder – Rally In Financials In Limbo

Ten-year Treasury yields are not going along with the Fed’s tightening posture.  This could be because of a technical reason or yields could be sending an ominous message. Yields reached a historic low 1.34 percent last July, and have been … Continued

Lot Riding On 2H, Those Lofty Earnings Estimates Better Come Through

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U.S. stocks have done phenomenally well since the February lows.  In less than six months through the intra-day high yesterday, the S&P 500 large cap index has rallied north of 20 percent, the Nasdaq 100 index 22.5 percent, and the … Continued