Ten-Year Yields Under Upward Pressure, But Not Enough For Major Breakout

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Ten-year Treasury yields rallied last week to right underneath the top end of a three-decade-old channel.  A breakout has to wait for now. The 13-basis-point jump last week was big, and probably took many by surprise.  At one point, yields … Continued

Russell 2000 Perking Up – Lasting Or Not Likely Gets Decided By Non-Commercials

Small-caps have sprung back to life in recent sessions. Since peaking at 1514.94 on October 5 through the intraday low of 1454.17 last Wednesday, the Russell 2000 small cap index (1503.40) shed four percent.  It was a slow drip-drip move … Continued

Proposed Tax Cuts Passing Congress Hardly A Given

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On September 27, the White House unveiled its proposal for changes to the tax code, which would drop the corporate rate from 35 percent to 20 percent.  For individuals, the top tax bracket drops from nearly 40 percent to 35 … Continued