Amidst Signs Of Excesses, Momentum Intact – Watching Shorter-Term Averages For Clues N/T

A P/E of 17x on the S&P 500 large cap index cannot be called euphoric.  A little above average, sure, but not euphoric.  On forward operating earnings using next year’s estimates, that is what the index is currently trading at. … Continued

Russell 2000 Perking Up – Lasting Or Not Likely Gets Decided By Non-Commercials

Small-caps have sprung back to life in recent sessions. Since peaking at 1514.94 on October 5 through the intraday low of 1454.17 last Wednesday, the Russell 2000 small cap index (1503.40) shed four percent.  It was a slow drip-drip move … Continued

Divergence Galore – Risk-Off Sentiment Reflected In Small-Caps, High-Yield

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There is divergence in the markets.  Tons of it. Large-caps are going one way and small-caps the other.  Ditto with transports and high-yield. The Russell 2000 small cap index peaked on 1514.94 on October 5, before trending lower in a … Continued

Going By Small-Cap Action, Investors Subtly Leaning Toward Risk-Off

If small-caps are a gauge of investor mood for risk- on and-off, then they are subtly beginning to lean toward risk-off. Of the four major U.S. indices – the S&P 500 large cap index, Dow Industrials, Nasdaq composite, and the … Continued

R2K Faces 161.8% Fib-Extension Resistance – Repercussions For Non-Commercials Plus IWM/IJR Longs

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Helped along by massive short squeeze and healthy flows into ETFs, small-caps have broken out to 161.8-percent Fibonacci-extension resistance. Most recently, the Russell 2000 small cap index bottomed on August 18, and has gone on to rally 12-plus-percent since.  In … Continued

Bulls On Back Foot, Bears’ Growl Getting Louder

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2134.72. That is the all-time record the S&P 500 Index (1948.86) notched on May 20.  It is possible in the annals of stock market history this high will be viewed with the same level of trepidation/respect as 1553.11 (March 2000 … Continued

S&P 500 achieves major technical milestone, looks exhausted near-term

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S&P 500 retraces 161.8 percent Fib extension of Oct 07-Mar 09 decline Transports not in sync with Dow/S&P 500, having broken several support levels Having spent lots of buying power of late, SPX shows signs of fatigue; pullback odds rising … Continued

Bulls’ resolve being tested

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Major U.S. indices reversed from early strength yesterday.  As a matter of fact, it took less than an hour – half an hour in most cases – before things began to turn south.  From the S&P 500 large cap index … Continued