Odds Rising For Tradable Bottom In US Dollar Index

Having stopped responding to improving U.S. fundamentals, the US dollar index currently sits at a confluence of technical support. The U.S. economy in recent quarters has put up strong numbers. Real GDP in 4Q17 grew at a seasonally adjusted annual … Continued

Ten-Year Yields Under Upward Pressure, But Not Enough For Major Breakout

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Ten-year Treasury yields rallied last week to right underneath the top end of a three-decade-old channel.  A breakout has to wait for now. The 13-basis-point jump last week was big, and probably took many by surprise.  At one point, yields … Continued

Downward Revision Trend In S&P 500 Earnings Estimates Intact Despite Improvement In Macro Of Late

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Of late, U.S. economic data have been coming in better than expected.  Is this getting translated into better corporate sales and earnings? The Citi Economic Surprise Index has shot up from -80 in the middle of the year to 56. … Continued

What If?

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Is the U.S. economy strong, weak or just about right?  Better yet, is it getting stronger, weaker or going sideways?  The truth is, pessimists and optimists both can selectively pick and choose to support their own bias. That said, data … Continued

As Good As It Gets?

Chart 1 shows decent relationship between year-over-year change in the S&P 500 large cap index and the ISM manufacturing index. U.S. manufacturing activity has picked up – from 49.4 last August to 57.5 in February.  The 8.3-point six-month jump is … Continued

Markets Dance To Fed’s Tune Way Too Much … Matter Of Time Before This Backfires

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Markets are under the influence of the Fed’s rate hike talk – or a lack of it – a little too much … to such an extent that it can potentially backfire someday. Last Thursday, we learned that the ISM … Continued

U.S. Stocks’ Path Of Least Resistance ↓ – At Least Near Term

Arguably, if U.S. stocks followed crude oil or economic data, they probably would be a lot lower. Operating earnings of S&P 500 companies peaked at $29.60 in 3Q14, and have been decelerating since.  With 474 companies having reported 4Q15 (as … Continued

Bulls And Bears Cite Data To Suit Own Biases, Even As Markets Telling Us To Be Cautious

The chart below has fodder for both bulls and bears. At least going back to the last three decades – encompassing three recessions, including Great Recession – there have been five occasions in which the spot West Texas Intermediate crude … Continued

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