China’s Receding Treasury Holdings And 10-Year Yields

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China’s Treasury holdings rose by $9.1 billion month-over-month in December.  This comes in the wake of six consecutive months of contraction during which it sold $194.7 billion worth.  This was the first monthly increase since last May. Coincidentally or not, … Continued

Infrastructure Spending – Markets Pricing In Too Much Of Good News?

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“…I want to solve health care, jobs, border control, tax reform.” The above quote is from a weekend interview president-elect Donald Trump gave to the Wall Street Journal. The article also talks about his willingness to keep parts of the … Continued

Collapse in crude yet to adversely impact petrodollars’ demand for Treasurys

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As world’s largest debtor and one running deficit, U.S. needs constant demand for Treasurys Recycling of petrodollars has been reliable source of demand for U.S. federal debt So far, drop in price of crude has not adversely impacted this demand … Continued