Nervous money managers sticking with their longs, but buying protection

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In a global survey of 200 institutional money managers, the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch found that the pros are worried about the stock market and are buying protection against a crash.  They are worried about geo-political events and about interest … Continued

Oversold bounce, or opportunity to go long?

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The rally the past couple of sessions, is it an oversold bounce or is there more to it than meets the eye?  Particularly on Monday, money did come out of defensives such as utilities and health care, and into offensives … Continued

As stocks sell off, NAAIM members essentially already all-in

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Yesterday was the first time since April the S&P 500 Index violated its 50-day moving average – both simple and exponential.  This was the first test since May, yet there was hardly any resistance from the bulls.  Sellers simply overwhelmed … Continued

Odds of continuation — or a lack thereof — of divergence between large- and small-caps

There was an article on on Friday entitled “Why lagging small caps might not bring down the S&P 500.”  The title says it all.  The story seeks to justify why prevailing weakness in U.S. small-caps is not a cause … Continued

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