Amid Rout In Stocks And Some Signs Of Stability, SPY Short Put

It is a top.  But is this the top? All of a sudden, it is not a crazy question to ask.  The ferocity by which U.S. equities have dropped in recent sessions, one has to wonder if this marks a … Continued

WTI Crude Looks Tired – Trade Brewing In XLE

Spot West Texas Intermediate crude, up 54-plus percent since last June alone, is giving out signs of fatigue. Non-commercials have been on the right side of this trade.  As they usually are.  These traders follow the trend, and the trend … Continued

Short Put For XLF Shorts To Repair Damage

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XLF shorts who are slightly underwater can use options to repair the damage. Hypothetically last Thursday, XLF ($28.06) was shorted intraday at $27.96 ($27.84 adjusted for dividends). Here was the thought process. The ETF remains overbought on nearly all timeframe.  … Continued

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