XLY Short Cover … Another Shorting Opportunity Probable Soon

There is not much correlation between the University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index and year-over-year change in personal consumption expenditures – mere 0.12 going back to January 1978 (chart here).  Nor is there any between consumer sentiment and XLY, the … Continued

Open Interest In VIX Options Call-Heavy in August, September

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In the August expiration, the amount of call open interest in VIX heavily outweighs that of puts.  Put open interest, represented by the red bars in Chart 1, is decent in near-the-money or slightly-in-the-money strikes, but pale in comparison to … Continued

FXE Covered Put Instead Of Covering Short

The April 21st European Central Bank (ECB) governing council meeting was anti-climactic. The deposit rate on lenders’ reserves parked at the central bank was maintained at minus 0.4 percent.  As well, Mario Draghi, ECB president, continued his oft-repeated ‘all policy … Continued

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