Credit Call Spread To Take Advantage Of Potential Downward Pressure On QQQ N/T

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Unless momentum changes swiftly, the tech-dominated Nasdaq 100 index once again is beginning to lag, creating opportunities for nimble traders. The Nasdaq 100 has come a long way.  It is up nearly 29 percent this year – much more than … Continued

Open Interest In VIX Options Call-Heavy in August, September

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In the August expiration, the amount of call open interest in VIX heavily outweighs that of puts.  Put open interest, represented by the red bars in Chart 1, is decent in near-the-money or slightly-in-the-money strikes, but pale in comparison to … Continued

Exiting XLE Long — With Small Profit

To say that energy stocks are back in favor will be an exaggeration, but they have perked up of late. Off the January 20th intra-day low, XLE, the SPDR Energy ETF, has rallied north of 16 percent.  That is in … Continued

XLE Weekly Covered Call Post-Buy Write

Oil bulls can take heart.  Maybe. Spot West Texas Intermediate crude ($37.07/barrel) is likely on the verge of a 10/20 (daily moving average) crossover.  The crude has more or less been going sideways/slightly up the past couple of weeks, and … Continued

Weekly Short Put On IWM Expecting Stability Near-Term

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Do non-commercials have it right?  Their net shorts in Russell 2000 futures peaked at 46,064 contracts on August 18, a week before stocks, including small-caps, bottomed.  Since then, they have gradually been reducing their bearish bias, with holdings at -27,708 … Continued